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ITB holds relation with many institutions, several of which provide scholarship for students who have outstanding academic achievement. ITB values student’s effort in studying. So, to recognize those efforts, ITB tries to help students who need financial aid through numerous information regarding scholarship so that the students are able to focus more on their study. Not only scholarship, ITB also keeps a close relationship with its alumni.

This relationship helps students to have counsel with alumni and to gain insights from the alumni experience’s regarding their career.

In addition, ITB also has student exchange program. This program is intended to give an international exposure to the students who are willing to learn in ITB international class.


Student Affairs ITB
Information regarding scholarships in ITB is arranged by the ITB Student Institution (Lembaga Kemahasiswaan ITB/LK-ITB). This Institution aims to help students get scholarship information easier, especially for those who need information about the scholarship provider. This information can be accessed from the LK-ITB page.

ITB for All
In this site you can also gain information about scholarship. Learn More>>

IOM-ITB or Student’s Parents Organization is a social organization which was established to help ITB students overcome their financial constraint. IOM-ITB is an organization outside of ITB structure. Therefore, IOM’s organization cooperates synergistically in dealing with matters relating to student affairs. Information regarding IOM can be accessed on the IOM-ITB page.

The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (MRTHE) of Indonesia also issues scholarship with the aim of improving the quality of higher education in Indonesia. This is done by providing scholarships for lecturers, prospective lecturers, and education staff in the MRTHE environment, encouraging them to continue postgraduate education both outside and within the country. The scholarship issued by MRTHE can be accessed on the DIKTI page.

The Global E3 Program is a consortium-based exchange program for undergraduate students to study abroad and do internships worldwide, while at the same time still continue to pay tuition at home. With members in over 20 countries, students at Global E3 member institutions can choose to study abroad at international institutions for a single semester or for an academic year. The Global E3 Program exchanges 250 – 300 students a year. Information regarding opportunities provided by Global E3 can be accessed on the GLOBAL E3 page.

Internship and Student Exchange

Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) offers a student-exchange program, for students from partner institutions that have academic exchange agreements and a memorandum of understanding with ITB. If you are a student from one of ITB’s partner institutions who want to pursue an exchange at ITB, you need to confirm that your current university has a partnership with ITB. Afterwards, you should prepare the required documents and submit them via ITB Directorate of Student Enrollment Management and Education Cooperation.

Alumni Connection

For you, Industrial Engineering or Engineering Management Graduates, you will still be able to be actively involved by supporting the career placement program, reunion activities, fundraising, and other activities. Each and every one of you are an essential part in our community, and we hope that you will stay connected with us wherever your lives take you. We appreciate the relationship that you have built with us.

  1. Donation. To help students through a financial donation, you can transfer the donation to the following account and confirm the transfer by contacting the coordinator of alumni connection.
    • Bank                       : Bank Negara Indonesia
    • Account number  : 0795204678
    • Account holder     : Lembaga Teknik dan Manajemen Industri
  2. Internships and Final Thesis Opportunities. You can also contribute to help the students by providing internships and final thesis opportunities. You can fill out these opportunities on the following page.
  3. Alumni Database. To stay connected, we hope that you are willing to fill out the Alumni Database that can be accessed on the following page.
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